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Minions review: I just left the Minions movie with my wife, youngest two, and eldest son and his lady. My youngest 2 would give this a high rating. ( Not perfect , because they can wait until the DVD to see it again they said.)

Author’s Feelings

For me, I’m disappointed.  I felt like I kept watching the same 15 minute movie over and over.  

1)  They have a leader.  

2) They do crazy things and get hurt.  

3)  Something bad happens.  

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Cast of the Movies

So the main characters are Kevin, Stewart, and Bob.  (I’m not sure who voiced them.)

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Sandra Bullock played Scarlett Overkill.

Jon Hamm is Herb/Blerb Overkill.

Jon Hamm is Herb/Blerb Overkill.
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Michael Keaton as Walter Nelson.  His wife, Madge, is Allison Janney.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some laugh out loud moments.

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Bullock does an okay job voicing the villain.  Sadly, though, she was a disappointment.  I adore Sandra and I’ve seen everything she has been in since 1992 when I first saw her in Love Potion #9.

(The comedies, the drama, the intense small parts…all the the good, the bad, the ugly that she has done)  The thing with this role, I didn’t buy any emotion change in the character.  The images showed anger, sadness, greed, cunning, etc… but her voice never captured these.  I just don’t think voice acting is her thing.

I liked how they begin in time and go throughout history finding a ruthless leader.  Sadly, a lot of that was shown on the trailer.  However, if you see it pay special attention to their goggles…it’s creative.

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I just got a little tired of the constant bashing into signs, doors, cars, walls, etc.  I guess, as a movie fan, I wanted to see more of a story.  I think what went wrong for the Illuminations Entertainment company is that they took great supporting characters that are truly petty flat and tried to make them the stars.

I think they saw what Dreamworks did with the Penguins and thought they could do the same.  However, The Penguins have great character foundation and story line to build on with their crock-pot missions.  The minions just do slap-stick comedy.

must watch

The big questions: Is it worth seeing?  If you have children, YES!  My children loved it.  They laughed throughout the entire movie.


 3 stooges and Abbott and Costello movies

If you are an adult, then you really need to enjoy 3 stooges and Abbott and Costello movies

If you are an adult

The story of the Minions is a true to life, but sad one.  People are always longing to find something, someone, or a connection on a higher plain.  Some fall into the trap of bad things: as simple as an intensity to sports, addictions, or even Satan worshiping.

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In the beginning God created man in Their own image.  He designed us a spiritual beings with a connection to him.  Until we are in His Son, we don’t have that completed connection.  We just wander around trying to find something to fill that void.

It’s important that when you are looking for something to complete you that you look to the one Being that can truly fulfill you.


When it comes down to the movie, I give it a 3.  It’s not terrible by any means.  I just felt like there was so much more that they could have done with it.  The just fell flat.

For all of you to be more uplifted, please know my children would give it a solid 4. Don’t mind checking Best Dogs Movies That you can watch with your family and some Clean Comedy movies to even watch with your kids.

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