Clean Comedy Movies

Everyone needs some fun and laughter in this stressful life that vanishes all your stress. Clean comedy movies are the perfect choice for all ages.

12 Best Comedy Films To Watch With Your Family


If you plan a movie night with your family and want an enjoyable movie yet appropriate to watch with kids. We gather some perfect clean and new movies list for you. So, you can have some fun movements to enjoy with your loved ones and don’t chill with Netflix.

A quick note: You can trust me I have a more strict family than yours and I can bet on it and I still watch all of the below mentioned movies with my family and they love watching it.

Yes Day

Director: Miguel Arteta

Genre: drama/comedy

Released: 12 March 2021

Duration: 1 hour/29minutes



Description About Yes Day

The story is about parenting and when the parent of 3 kids constantly says NO to their kids to do many things. One day they realized to change the rule after meeting with a counselor who advised them to stay calm and relax.

They plan a YES day with some restrictions and allow YES for the things before they refuse to do. The YES day becomes a big adventure and an unforgettable day of their life. Best movie to enjoy with your kids on vacations.

This movie had become my favorite movie of this era to watch with my loving family, no bad scenes and clean friendly family comedy. A little teasing and stuff.

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JOJO Rabbit

Director: Taika Waititi

Genre: war/drama/comedy

Released: 18 October/2019

Duration: 1hour/48 minutes


Description About JOJO Rabbit

The film described the Era of World War 2 when Hitler inspired a boy named JOJO. But Jojo is a kind heart boy who never thinks about hurting a Rabbit. The story got a twist when Jojo knew that his mother hid a Jewish girl at home.

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Jojo talks with his imaginary friend (HITLER), and their conversation makes you laugh. You discover the time of world war two and the thoughts of a kid of that Era through this soft comedy movie.

I will prefer to watch this movie with your young buddies. You’re family will enjoy it but you will enjoy even more with your friends and family.

Bean’s Holiday

Director: Steve Bendelack

Genre: comedy

Released: 24 august/2007

Duration: 1hour/28minutes



Description About Bean’s Holiday

We all love to see the movie series Mr. Bean, in our childhood. in this movie, Bean is on a Holiday trip to France to enjoy the sunny weather of the Riviera, but as usual, the trip gets messed up.

The Bean faced some funny ye problematic incidents during his journey. And destroy the last film of a director named Carson Clay. The most comic scene of the movie is when he mistakenly enters in Cannes Film Festival.

This never gets old I have watched it for almost 3 times but I still love watching it and I will watch again. Bean you are love and we miss you.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Director: Taika Waititi

Genre: Adventure/comedy

Released: 31 March/2016

Duration: 1hour/41 minutes


Description About Hunt for the Wilderpeople

The story is from a kids’ book (Wild Pigs and Watercress). Ricky, who is a foster kid, is a stubborn boy. When his foster mother Bella died, his father Hector thought about sending him back to his old place, but Ricky disagreed and ran from home.

It’s a different comedy story about a man and a foster kid. Both lost their way in the New Zealand forest, and in their missing period, they faced some rare and funny events.

This movie is one of the rare movies alive having clean comedy and some of action.

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Finding OHANA

Director: Jude Weng

Genre: Comedy/adventure/action

Released: 29 January/2021

Duration: 2hour/3 minutes


Description About Finding OHANA

A 12 years old girl named Pili lives in New York. Suddenly, she is sent to her rural place O’ahu to take care of Pili’s old grandfather. She is curious about her background. And one day, she finds a private pirate’s copy at her dad’s studio. The document indicates about 200 years old hidden treasure that is kept far away in mountains and caves on an Island.

In the movie, Pili unfolds many discoveries in Hawai with her brother and new pals. With all adventure and fun, she learns that the real treasure for her is their family Ohana and its values.

I really like the cast of this movie and how these young ones act.


Director: Chris Columbus

Genre: family/comedy/drama

Released: 22 November 1993

Duration: 2hour/6minutes


Description About Mrs.Doubtfire

A unique story of a father’s attachment with his family after divorce. Denial Hillard separated from his wife and got few chances to meet his three kids. He makes an attractive plan to get close to the kids forever. His brother Frank helps him to transform into an old woman look.

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He meets with his Ex-wife and makes her agree to keep Mrs. Doubtfire as a nanny for her kids. But one day, the truth is opened upon his family. The movie gives the best message that love and care never fails a relationship—a funny yet heart-touching movie for all family members.

Granny you did amazing role in this movie I wish I can meet this lady in real life as I become fan of her after watching this movie.

Little Miss Sunshine

Director: Valerie Faris, Jonathon Dayton

Genre: Comedy/drama

Released: 26 July/2006

Duration: 1hour/41minutes


Description About Little Miss Sunshine

This movie has a prominent place on the clean comedy movies list. The hilarious story of a family traveling in a VW bus with a bundle of fools.

They will attend a beauty pageant where their seven-year-old daughter participates. The journey is full of laughter and fun with the best cast. The Olive brings hope to win the contest of Little Miss Sunshine. A must-watch clean comedy for your family with non-stop laughs.


Director: Andrew Davis

Genre: Comedy/adventure/drama

Released: 11 April/2003

Duration: 1hour/57minutes


Description About Holes

A young boy was sent too far away from a Green Lake Camp. The camp is located in a dry lake in a desert with no rain for 100 years. The boy is accused of a wrong case, and the horrible warden of the camp is forcing the boy and other prisoner boys to dig the holes in the desert.

They all do not know the reason for digging these holes. But what’s the main purpose of the holes, and what does the warden find in the holes? To know the actual reason, watch this comedy movie to solve the mystery of holes.

Jumanji The Next Level

Director: Jake Kasdan

Genre: Comedy/action/adventure

Released: 13 December/2019

Duration: 2hour/3minutes



Description About Jumanji The Next Level

The movie is a sequel to the old series of Jumanji but with a new game. The four high school students enter a game that is not easy to complete.

The gang played as avatars to get back to their real world. But it’s not easy to cross the hurdles from deserts to mountains. They unleash many mysteries in this journey. You will feel the real adventure with laughter.

Seriously after watching this movie I gave it 4.6 stars in my scale just because of Dwayne Johnson’s amazing role and acting. A must Watch Movie.

The Parent Trap

Director: Nancy Meyers

Genre: comedy/family

Released: 20jluy/1998

Duration: 2hour/8minute


Description About The Parent Trap

The movie’s story increases your curiosity about two girls, Hallie and Annie. The girls meet at a summer camp and look amazingly like twins. They came to know that they are identical and their parents got separated long ago, and they both live with each parent in different countries.

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The girls decide to exchange themselves with each parent to spend time with them. And finally, they plan to disclose the reality and unite the family. A pure family movie to watch with your lovely family.

I’m in love with these twins, I can’t tell you Crush is updated😍

Home Alone

Director: Chris Columbus

Genre: family/comedy

Released: 16 November/1990

Duration: 1hour/43minutes


Description About Home Alone

This is an ever-green clean family movie to watch with family. The story begins when Kevin’s mother forgets him at home at eight years old while leaving home for a holiday trip. Kevin wakeup and find himself home alone.

The movie gets more interesting when two thieves want to enter the house. And Kevin plans to save the house from them. The fun movements in the film and Kevin’s tricks for keeping himself and the house make you laugh louder.

I can’t remember how many times I have watched this movie. even in different languages but still one of the top blockbuster movie of all time. Specially in Punjabi it’s too much hilarious but i will not recommend watching it with your family in other languages.

Honey, I shrunk the Kids

Director: Joe Jhonston

Genre: comedy/family

Released:23 June/ 1989

Duration: 1hour/33minutes


Description About Honey, I shrunk the Kids

The inventor Wayne Szalinski invents a device in his lab. Some kids played with baseball and threw the ball into the lab. They entered to watch out for their missing ball in the lab and accidentally shrank through the coming ray from the experimental device.

Szalinski thinks that his invention is a failure, and he breaks the device, and through it, out of the house, the kids also get thrown with the device. The kids who are now ¼ inches long have to reach home safely. The garden’s sprinklers bring a storm for them, and ants look as huge as elephants—a fascinating movie for kids with fun and adventure.

After completing this movie you guys will say this man is genius but I will say he’s and idiot.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Licorice Pizza.

Red Rocket.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.


When a person laughs, the body release endorphins that reduce depression. Comedy movies are the best way to make yourself free from stress. Laughter changes your modes positively, and you feel happy and light after watching comedy movies.

Laughter relief stress, so watching comedy movies is very beneficial for us because it improves mental health, boosts immunity, relaxes muscles, avoids conflict, reduces evil thoughts, burns calories, active brain functions, and lastly, you spend the best time with your family while watching a comedy movie.

Yes, you can watch comedy movies with your kids because many movies are clean comedy movies, and you can enjoy them with your kids without any hesitation.

World’s first comedy movie name L’Arroseur Arrosé and the movie is released on 1895. The movie is considered as first ever comic movie of the world.

The Author of Best Clean Comedy Movies is Gene.

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