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Before starting finding nemo movie review, If anyone was ever paranoid, it was Marlin. Of course I would be too if my wife and 8,000ish of my children were eaten alive.

Finding Nemo is at its heart a film about fatherhood. Marlin is overprotective but loving, and doesn’t believe in his son, partially due to his injured fin. Their lives get thrown upside down, however, when Nemo gets napped by a diver with good intentions (thinking he is saving Nemo).
The last thing Nemo said to his dad was “I hate you.” Thus Marlin begins a grueling journey to recover hend of tis lost son.

Marlin runs into Dory, an irresistibly lovable fish with short-term memory loss. After running into some sharks, setting off a minefield, swimming through a forest of jellyfish, and nearly being eaten by Pelicans, you could say that the two of them form a bond.

And the turtles. No one can forget the turtles, right dude?

The Escape Plan

Meanwhile in Australia, Nemo forms a bond with the fish in an aquariam, one of whom is determined to escape. The denist/diver is a kind master and provides endless daily entertainment, but they are determined to get out and live a free life in the ocean.


The end of the journey, as would be expected, is that Marlin is reunited with his son. First, however, they encounter a group of fish being taken up by a net. Nemo rushes in to help them and Marlin tries to stop him. After Nemo says “I can do this!” however, Marlin says “You’re right. I know you can.” Nemo saves them, of course.

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Parenting Lesson

There’s a lot that this film has to say about parenting. The most interesting thing about this is that it’s really saying that neither Marlin nor Nemo was completely right. Marlin was overprotective, that’s for sure. He changes that at the end of the film and learns to loosen up. Most films would follow this example of overprotectiveness by showing a justified rebellion. Nemo’s rebellion, however, gets him kidnapped. Just as Marlin learns to loosen up, Nemo learns to be submissive to his father. In fact, the boy who previously had no respect for his father is exceedingly proud of his dad at the end of the movie, after learning of his father’s heroic journey. Unlike many Disney/Pixar films, this shows a beautiful resolution of a parent-child conflict.

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“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” – Ephesians 6:!

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” – Ephesians 6:4

This movie was also most liked by my 5 year old son Mike because he is a soft hearted child and cannot bear the loneliness from their parents. He used to watch this movie for several times and he cries every time he watches it. he has a very soft heart because this movie can make you cry at points.

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People who have lost their loved ones can understand the pain when your young ones are lost and you are the one they looked up to for seeking help and moral support.

My son told me that the next part of this will come out in near future because he have seen a trailer of the next movie part. Me along with my wife and children sit down to watch it in near future for understanding and enjoying the meaning of family along with its love.

I for one cannot wait for Finding Dory.

I advise all my community member here to love your family and spend as much time as possible because life is to short.

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