Despicable Me 2 Review

If you haven’t already seen the first one, then go watch it right now. Despicable Me 2 (Review) picks up right where the first left off. Gru has had a change of heart. He has given up his former life of villainy to take care of his three adopted girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Having turned his back on his former life, he has decided to start his very own jam and jelly business. Despite his enthusiasm for his new career choice, things aren’t going to well. Sooner or later this will not matter a bit because he didn’t know his life is going to take a huge turn that is even bigger.

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Summary of Despicable Me 2

Her name is Lucy and she works for the Anti-villain League. She shows up one day at Gru’s house and announces who she is. There is a short, funny, and somewhat violent battle. Gru doesn’t win, in fact he ends up stuffed in the trunk of her car. Lucy takes him to her headquarters, where they offer him a job.

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A new supervillain is on the loose and they need help tracking him down and discovering his identity. It requires him some convincing but at last he agrees to it. From here on out, the movie revolves around Gru and his new partner Lucy, trying to discover and capture this new super villain.


My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this. You can say it was nearly close to good as compared to the first one but not that much according to me. Some of my friends think it’s better and funnier than the first. But if you like it’s first part then by all means you will like this one as well. It’s best described as, more of the same.

It all depends if you like the first movie then may or may not like this one as well.. If you likely enjoy such type of humor, you will be laughing from start to finish at every point.

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Although I haven’t mentioned them yet, the minions play a big role in this movie. They are as hilarious as ever and possibly the real stars of the movie. In fact I’ve heard rumors that they may even get their own movie soon.

The reason this review is shorter than normal is that I didn’t feel like there were many or any moral dilemmas or decisions to discuss. However, I do think there are some good topics that you could discuss with your kids after watching this. How do you handle betrayal and forgiveness?

The importance of trusting your parents when it comes to relationship advice. How to deal with discontentment.

As of this posting the movie is still in theaters, so if your interest is peaked, go and see it right now. You won’t be disappointed. So far it is the best animated movie of the summer.

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My rating:


By the Despicable Me 2 Review, I will give this movie 4 out of 5 rating.


The basic lesson given in this movie is quite clear. It taught that how you can be responsible and be a good human being in this world. They laid stress on the adoption of chidden as a gesture of kindness and humanity. The despicable me 2 emphasize on the role of fatherhood and the character Gru in this movie is a typical single person or you can say a single dad.

Sometimes did you ever thought how much time would it take to film a movie? then you are going to find out the whole process by clicking here.

I hope you guys get a clear idea that you weather want to watch it or not but in my opinion everyone has their own point of view. I view movies according to different point of view but my son never stopped laughing for a second while watching this film.

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