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Machine Gun Preacher was a 2011 release which starred Gerard Butler as Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker who finds God and finds his calling in Sudan as he attempts to protect children who are exploited as soldiers. The title really is quite descriptive of what you get in this film.

Childers is a machine gun-toting liberator of sorts in Sudan, but is a preacher equipped with a Bible and a pulpit while back in the states. If you’re unfamiliar with the film.

The obvious moral dilemma presented in this film is using violence as a means to protect people and spread the Gospel. If you can save the lives of some and extend to them safety and kindness in Christ’s name, but you have to kill others to do so, is that justified? Logan tackles that dilemma for us…

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Logan of machine gun preacher

According to Sam Childers, that ought to be done by engaging the oppressors in warfare. It is true that violence was sometimes used by God’s servants even outside of war. One example is Phinehas, who killed a Jewish man and a pagan woman, said man was parading around the camp (Numbers 25).

logan of machine gun preacher

However, the context was specific. In the case of Phinehas, there was a plague breaking out among the people; a strong indication that God wanted the people to take care of sin in the camp.

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God never told us that we should go looking for trouble and waging warfare on this issue. Instead, we are to live benevolent lives; that is the principle that is always outlined for us in the New Testament. “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. God’s will is for us to help the poor and neglected through benevolence, not war.

In addition to waging war, the film shows Childers preaching every time he comes home. The fact that he’s preaching is great; his message, however, is quite troubling. He becomes so obsessed with his mission and getting people to support him in, if I may use some artistic license, that he says at one point that “God wants wolves.” It is a perversion of what God designed his church to be.

Good Premise and Good Interest

While Sam began with a good premise and good interest, his priorities became seriously messed up. Instead of being focused on his own family he was focused on the children of Africa.

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Instead of being focused on Christianity and how it saves souls, he became focused on saving physical lives. Those are not bad things to be focused on, but they are the wrong order of priorities, and what subsequently happened is the natural progression when our priorities get out of whack – our worldview becomes warped.

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Another dilemma presented in this movie is the sacrifices that Sam’s family was forced to make in order for him to fight in Sudan. Childers was providing food, shelter, clothing and safety for children in Sudan while his children at home were missing their father. Tres weighs in on that dilemma…

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Skipping everything that leads Sam Childers to finding God, he discusses with his wife, Lynn, about his calling to go help the children in Sudan. Lynn, being a supportive Christian wife encourages him. This is repeated at the point where the rebels of the LRA come and destroy his first efforts at the orphanage. Sam calls his wife and discusses his desire to quit. Lynn once again encourages him to fight and keeps him there.


However, from that point forward we see too many decisions suddenly made by Sam without his wife’s input. The most dramatic example is when Lynn and their daughter, Paige, return home to see men taking things out of their garage. Sam then tells her that he has sold their construction business. In devastation Lynn says, “That was our future. That was Paige’s future.” Without showing care, he then goes to the safe take their cash. Lynn states, “That’s our entire savings.” Sam takes it anyway and leaves for Africa. Sam lost the focus.

I have watched it. In the first part of that scripture we understand that “his own” refers to fellow Christians or his own congregation due to the clarity of the next section, “his own household”. In one scene, Sam returns from a visit to Africa and Lynn is showing him the preschool that the members of their church have started.

Sam suddenly says, “They need a playground. Things they can climb on.” Lynn explains why the preschool doesn’t have one and Sam says,

“No, I’m talking about Africa.” Not finding sponsors, Sam sells his guns and his car and gets the African children a playground; a contradiction to 1 Tim 5:8 showing that even when Sam is home, he can’t focus on “his own”.

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Early on we see Paige being overlooked when she states as he’s leaving for Africa the first time, “You’re gonna miss my play.” He tells her, “Mamma will record it.” I understand that missing something that your child is doing is sometimes required. However, when we jump ahead we see that Sam’s focus has become solely on what he can do for the children in Africa.

Heart Touching Scene

Paige asks for some money to go in on getting a limo for the prom. Sam states that the African’s are doing without and cusses at her and refuses to give her any money. Paige is upset and says, “You care more about those black babies than you do your own daughter.”


At which point Sam slaps her across the face. He put the African children above his daughter. As fathers we are cautioned and commanded “not provoke your children to anger”.

Paige is so upset at this point, not because of the limo, but because her father has looked past her for so long and put others above her. This becomes even more evident when he can’t open his safe because the combination is Paige’s birth date and he can’t remember it.

Finally, going back to something I mentioned earlier; When Sam tells Lynn that he has sold their construction business he has removed his family’s source of income and he takes all the cash from the vault. His family is left without. His family is left wanting. He did not “provide for his own household” and therefore, “denied the faith” losing focus as a husband and a father.


Now, we don’t call this the moral dilemma “dialogue” for no reason. I personally recommend watching this turning stones and making hell for enemy sort of movies as I enjoyed it with my family and we loved it together with a lot of action and thrilled.

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