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All of us love to listen to music beats with drums.. Many famous classical songs include familiar drum beats. Music is a vital part of movies, but some films provide inspiration and motivation for musical instruments. Drummer movies are less common for many people, but people who love to play drums love to watch the best drummer movies.

List of The Top 10 Drummer Movies In 2023


Here we gather some movies about drummers and drumming that entertain and inspire you about the life of a drummer or the struggle of a group through drumming.

I have gathered this new list after inspiring from Whiplash. Let’s enjoy the beats of a drum with an exciting story. A list of must Watch Movies.

Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal

Director: Darius Marder| Duration:2hours| Genre: music/drama


The sound of metal is the most recent creation listed in drummer movies. The movie was released on November 20, 2019, and takes tremendous appreciation in all drummer movies.

The movie won 2 Academy Awards and two BAFTA awards, and the film’s main character, Ruban Stone (Riz Ahmed), was nominated for the best actor award in the same award ceremony.

Ruban is a passionate drummer who travels with his girlfriend and band singer Lou. Suddenly he feels that he has lost his hearing abilities.

The loss of hearing makes his life jumbled. Now Ruban has to live with this disability, and how he learns to survive in a voiceless world. He joined a deaf community and tried to find ways to live with this changed life.  

This movie motivates me a lot, no way a man can do that much for drums.



Director: Damien Chazelle |Duration: 1hour 46minutes| Genre: drama, music


Whiplash is like a gem in all drummer movie collections. The movie was released on October 10, 2014, and broke the record of success.

Whiplash won the best Academy Award for best editing and sound mixing. And the leading character Simmons collects many prestigious Awards for best performance in the movie.

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The movie is about a young boy inspired by the drum idol Burnard. He worked hard to be a famous jazz drummer and met his new music teacher, Terence Fletcher.

Fletcher is a rigorous and abusive person. Who mistreats his students mentally and physically. So, learning jazz drums from zero to pro-level is difficult for the boy. He faced multiple tortures from his teacher during the learning journey, but he didn’t lose hope.

He succeeds in the court case for kicking Fletcher out of the band teaching job. And in the end, he improves himself through his efforts and gets approved by Fletcher.

Whatever people say but I say Whiplash is unmatchable.

I have separately Reviewed Whiplash in detail.



Director: Charles Stone |Duration: 1hour 58minutes| Genre: comedy, romance, drama


This one is also a great drummer movie released on December 13, 2002. The film won MTV Award and teen choice Award for best performance.

 The movie is about a high school graduate student Devon who also loves to play the drum. He gets admission to Atlanta A&T University, where he meets with music director Dr. Lee who likes Devon but the band leader Devon misses using his talent because he knows that Devon can’t read music.

Lee is the opposite of Devon’s act and wants to succeed with the band slogan ONE BAND ONE SOUND. The conflict between Lee and Devon ends by expelling him from the band. And Devon has to win the battle of drumming on his own. Indeed it is the best movie for drum lovers.


A Drummer’s Dream

A Drummer's Dream

Director: John Walker |Duration: 1hour 24minute |Genre: Documentary


This movie is a masterpiece for drummers. The film is a documentary released in 2010 and gathers the seven talented drummers worldwide.

Who is serving young drummers and giving their best knowledge to other new learners.

A true lover of music can understand the purpose of the movie and learn many different skills that those famous drum artists used to play, including Rock, Jazz, Soul, funk, and Latin beats.

In the movie, they played their best beats, and you can enjoy listening and learning some tricks of playing drums after watching this interesting documentary.

Well, to be honest I learn a lot from this movie that’s why I watched it 2 times.

Best Clean Comedy Movies

Step Brothers

Step Brothers

Director: Adam Mckay |Duration: 1hour 38minuts| Genre: comedy


This funny movie was released in 2008. The story is about two 40 years aged males forced to live together after becoming stepbrothers when their parents get married.

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Both live a useless life, but where are the drums in the movie? The Dale has a drum set that he loves most and restricts Brennan from touching it.

But Brennan doesn’t listen. One day Dale founds a tine chip on the drum’s stick and gets suspicious about it. What happens next? To see watch this exciting movie with fun.

I like this movie because it has a little bit of funny sarcastic story.

The Birdman

Director: Alejandro G| Duration: 1hour 59minutes| Genre: comedy-drama


This movie is different from other drummer movies because it’s not about a drum or drummer story, but all the background soundtrack includes drum rhythms.

You enjoy the movie with perfect drum beats. The movie was released in 2014.

The story is about an old superhero who wants to regain his previous fame through production.

The movie criticizes modern culture where everything measures with upper and lower versus. The film fascinates you with its unique story and soundtrack.

The unique thing of this movie is there are quite a lot sounds in it.

The Gene Krupa Story

The Gene Krupa Story

Director: Don Weis |Duration: 1hour 41 minutes| Genre: drama, music, biography


This is about the real-life story of an iconic jazz drummer named Gene Krupa, and the movie was released in 1959.

The story highlights the life of Gene and his success in the pop industry. Gene’s father doesn’t want his son to become a jazz drummer.

After his father’s death, he skips his passion and follows the field of theology as his father’s desire. But soon, he realizes it’s not the right path for him. And again, he starts his music career.

He breaks the record of success, destroys all his achievements, is addicted to drugs and alcohol, and loses his married life.

It’s about how a person gets high to the moon and then drops to the ground. Which is enough to give you a great lesson in life.

Sound of Noise

Sound of Noise

Director: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjarne Nilsson|Duration: 1hour 42minutes |Genre: crime, comedy, music


This Swedish movie has its own place on the drummer movies list. You will laugh with your lungs out after watching this silly story. The movie was released in 2010.

The story is about six guerilla percussionists who fear the people by playing drums.

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A deaf inspector who hates music struggles to arrest the group. The story sounds funny, but this movie is great entertainment for you with a fantastic soundtrack which is used in movies in different scenes with perfection.

I recommend watching this movie for nonstop laughing with a brilliant soundtrack.

Adventures of Power

Adventures of Power

Director: Ari Gold |Duration: 1hour29 minutes |Genre: music, comedy


It is a unique comedy story about a mine worker released in 2008. The boy named Power loves to play drums, but the low-income family can’t afford to buy a drum kit for him.

He performs as an air drummer in his small town. After a call of strike on mine, Power started a new journey to get victory in the air drumming world.

He must face all hurdles and critics to make himself a great air drummer. The movie explains how a drummer’s dream comes true.

That Things You Do

That Things You Do

Director: Tom Hanks |Duration: 1hour48minutes| Genre: music, comedy, drama


This great movie was released in 1996. Tom Hanks is the writer and director of the film.

The story is about a music band in the 60s era which got a lot of fame, and suddenly the band’s drummer broke his arm.

Then the leader of the band teaches them the 4/4 beats. It is a perfect family film to watch, and you will learn many things from this iconic movie.

Conclusion (Value of Drums)

Music beats are incomplete without drums. Drums are a vital part of all styles of music. You will get the best drummer movie experience by watching all above mention movies. This article include all genre of drum movies that you can watch with your family or individually.

A drum is not only an instrument for some people. It’s a passion or a dream of success. The drum lover will learn many tips and tricks through these movies and add perfection to their skills in drumming. Choose your favorite drummer movie from this article and enjoy the rhythms.

Some more New Drummer Movies:

Tenacious D – The Pick of Destiny

Ain’t in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm.

This is Spinal Tap

Beware of Mr. Baker.

The Mambo Kings

Wayne’s World


A basic set of drums includes drum sticks, medium-size drums, and cymbals. As it is not the complete kit of drums, you can play some basic beats with it.

The movie Whiplash is inspired by Damien Chazelle’s experiences as a drummer. But actually, it’s not a true story.

Here are some essential tips that all drummers must know.

  • Single Stroke Four
  • Double Stroke Roll
  • Single Stroke Roll
  • Rebound Stroke
  • Multiple Bounce Roll
  • Triple Stroke Roll. Flam
  • Drag Ruff
  • Single Paradiddle

The Author of drummer movies is Nathan.

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