As long as she's not too young, we have to keep him away from her,” he joked in an interview on Tuesday.

At a recent holiday party hosted by the Kansas City Chiefs, Sterling Skye Mahomes certainly had the VIP treatment.

She got to meet Santa Claus and K.C. Wolf aka Wolfie, the Chiefs mascot, as well as her parents.

I really enjoyed my daughter's experience meeting Santa on Audacy's 610 Sports Radio, which is broadcast on Audacy's 610 Sports Radio (Kansas City

It was wonderful to be able to do it at the Chiefs' Christmas party because it is always an exciting event for all of us

According to the Super Bowl-winning quarterback, "She wasn't scared of Santa at all, but Wolfie was the one she was terrified of,"

There was a picture posted on Brittany's Instagram on Monday of her and Sterling sitting on Santa's lap while Patrick smiled and crouched beside them as they enjoyed the party.