It appears that John Mayer has given insight into the reasons behind his decision to stop dating.  Keep Reading...

On its first holiday special, the Grammy winner, 45, discussed his sobriety and the role it has played in his dating behaviors (or lack thereof) over the last few years on his Call Her Daddy podcast.

Dating for me no longer exists in any kind of codified way, it's no longer patterned in the way it used to," he said to the host of the program.

In my opinion, I'm not really into dating any more - I don't think that I have to. I stopped drinking about six years ago,

Having said that, he tells the reporter that he has no liquid courage anymore. He has only dry courage now.

Mayer suffered a six-day hangover as a result of drinking at Drake's 30th birthday party, and he went sober for six days after that.

Since Oct. 23, 2016, the singer hasn't had any alcohol, as he said in a previous interview. That is the real ice breaker.