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WR Deebo Samuel, who played against the Buccaneers on Sunday, is believed to have suffered a high ankle sprain as a result of the play.

A high ankle sprain is the most likely diagnosis for the injury sustained by Samuel, but there is no way to know the exact extent of his injury, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan.

As you can imagine, Shanahan and the 49ers are relieved that Samuel did not break his ankle in the game.

Samuel's fantasy season has basically come to an end as he has been unable to play due to his high ankle sprain that usually heals within a month.

A hand injury occurred to Bengals WR Tyler Boyd on Sunday, and both Higgins and Boyd played a total of four snaps in the game against the Browns on Sunday.

When he wanted to play, he found his way there the way he found his way when he was competing with others," Taylor said in describing the situation.