A Dallas Cowboys upset loss would have been the first in the franchise's history, and they were 98 yards away from it.

With 3:20 left in the game, Dak Prescott's second interception gave the Dallas Cowboys a 34% chance to win the game.

A score of 27-23 was the final score at the AT&T Stadium during the Cowboys' game against the Texans on Sunday.

As a result of their 40-3 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Nov. 20, the Cowboys had their biggest road win in franchise history.

During their game against the Indianapolis Colts last week, they scored 33 points in the fourth quarter, which is a franchise record.

The owner and general manager of the team, Jerry Jones, explained that any time we are able to survive a situation like that and have a positive outcome, we are better off for it," he said.

It is also believed that Prescott's win, over the now 1-11-1 Texans, will prove to be crucial in the long run.

We're going to play a lot of tough games as we get going, so I think this will serve us more than Minnesota or even how we finished last game," he said.

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