There are spoilers in this recap that go up until the seventh episode of HBO's "The White Lotus," which airs on Sundays and is streaming on HBO Max as well.

There's a good chance you can still feel you're on vacation, but you might not believe it since the sun is out, the pastries are fresh, and the scent of murder hangs thick in the air of Sicily.

As expected, Mike White pulled off an amazing death in the finale despite there being dozens of theories about what would happen

It will be fascinating to watch Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) take out the "high-end gays" - as well as herself that is.

As she was trying to escape from the yacht, she knocked her head against the dinghy and drowned. Ran for his life.

Despite the fact that Greg (Jon Gries) won "The White Lotus," he is the real winner in that he was not only the heir to Tanya's fortune, he was also a model.

There is, however, no obligation to pay Quentin (Tom Hollander) and Co. As a matter of fact, he does not have to pay anything at all.

As White continually hinted at Coolidge's return in Season 3 in the first episode, it is clear that one of the biggest tricks, and schemes in "The White Lotus," was on us all along.