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Do you want some perfect entertainment boat movies these summer? Or love to watch deep-sea adventures or get horrified by a thunderstorm or want to explore hidden treasures in the sea, or enjoy the open sky and sunset view sailing on the water.

List of 11 Best Boating Movies Of 2023


All you can experience is boating movies. Here we will share some great boat movies that send you on sea adventures. Let’s grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a boat movie with family or friends.



Director: Baltasar Kormakur| Genre: action/adventure/love/biography| Released: 2018| Run time: 1hour36 minutes

The movie is based on the true story of two loving souls. A young couple falls in love, and both love to sail a boat. They plan a journey on a ship and are unaware that this will be a horrific journey for them because they will face the strongest hurricane in world history.

Storm threw them into a place there was no hope of survival. Tami is awake and finds her husband badly injured. Their boat gets wrecked.

Tami has to find a solution to save herself and her love Richard whom she chooses to live with for her whole life. Adrift inspired you by showing the power of love that gives strength to a helpless soul and makes it an unforgettable story.

Captain Philips:

Captain Philips

Director: Paul Greengrass| Genre: action/crime/biography | Released: 2013| Run time: 2hour 14minutes

A real story of Captain Richard Philips, who got a hostage in 2009 by Somali pirates during the hijacking of the first-ever American cargo ship.

The movie may raise your pulse with thrill and suspense about what happens next. The movie’s main characters are Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) and Somali pirate captain Muse (BarKhad Abdi). The Somalian Captain make hostage by American Captain.

They hijacked an unarmed ship and then got into trouble. Captain Phillip faced this troubling situation with patience and the best strategies to get him back to his country. This movie is a must-watch for all action lovers.  

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Life of Pi:

Life of Pi

Director: Ang Lee| Genre: fantasy/adventure/drama | released: 2012 |rum time: 2hour 7 minutes

This fascinating story starts when a writer from Canada visits Pi Patel, an Indian storyteller, and asks him to tell the story of his life. The story is about Pi’s childhood when his father, a zoo owner, told him the municipality was not taking responsibility for the zoo. So his father decides to migrate to Canada. 

The family of Pi and all animals are traveling in a Japanese Cargo Ship, and a storm hits the sea, and their ship break and goes to sink. Pi saved himself in a boat with Zebra, a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, and a Hyena.

Their boat is floating in the Pacific Ocean, and the real story begins when the aggressive Bengal tiger gets hungry. And Pi has to be prepared to save himself.

The Boat:

The Boat

Director: Winston Azzopardi | genre: mystery/horror/thriller |released: 2018| runtime: 1hour28minutes

You will love this mysterious movie about a fisherman who lost himself in a foggy atmosphere in the deep sea. He found an empty sailboat and trapped himself when locked in the boat. The movie is full of mystery and suspense. How does he overcome this dangerous situation? You will find after watching the movie.

Jungle Cruise:

Jungle Cruise

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra |Genre: action/comedy/adventure | released: 2021| runtime: 2hour 7minutes

The movie takes you on a jungle adventure with supernatural elements. Dr. Lily, a botany expert and a feminine doctor is going on a mission to fulfill her dream of saving lives. She takes her brother MacGregor and captain Wolf with her on her way.

Captain Wolf guides them the way of the Amazon River, and they get to explore all hidden truths to find a magical tree that will be a powerful discovery to heal many diseases in the future.




Director: Rob Greenberg | Genre: comedy/romance | released: 2018 | runtime: 1hour 52 minutes

It’s an exciting story of a single mother of three girls, Kate. Kate does the job with her studies. At the same time, she gets a carpet cleaning job on a yacht.

The owner of the boat is an unkind, wealthy, and selfish playboy named Leo. Leo misbehaves with Kate when she refuses to serve food to him. Leo fired her without paying her money. During an argument about payment, Leo pushes Kate from the boat with her cleaning tools.

One day Leo accidentally falls from his boat and wakes up with lost memory. He forgot his identity, and his sister Magdalena watched him in this condition, left him in the hospital alone, and told his other sister that Leo was no more.

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Meanwhile, in the hospital, Kate acts like she is her wife. Leo, Now confused. Leo tries adjusting to his new family and doing labor. And Kate thinks that one day her secret will disclose to Leo.



Director: Aaron Schneider | genre: action/drama/history |released: 2020 |runtime: 1hour 31 minutes

The movie’s story is inspired by CS Forester’s novel (The Good Shepherd). The film took you in the 1942 era when a convoy was going through North Atlantic, and a German wolf submarine attacked them.

The movie’s main character is the leader of this convoy and a Commander of the US Navy, and it was his first crossing experience of the Atlantic.

The movie is about his efforts and leadership and how the commander faced this battle with cold, restless nights and harsh sea waves. His strategy to catch up with the enemy’s submarine was a deadly experience. So, are you ready to watch this thrilling movie and experience the struggles during the war?

 Deep Blue Sea 3:

Director: John Pogue | genre: horror/action/science fiction |released: 2020 | runtime: 1hour 40 minutes

The marine biologist team is studying the effects of environmental change on white sharks in an artificial fishing Ireland.

The story turns into a deadly twist when a group of scientists searches for three bull sharks, which are genetically enhanced and kill all the sea creatures. They must catch this bloody creature to stop this horrible killing—a perfect film to enjoy with your family.



Director: James Cameron |Genre: romance/action /drama |released: 1997 |runtime: 3 hour 14 minutes

Titanic is one of the great and all-time favorite movies for all ages. the story begins with a big cruise’s first-ever journey in 1912. And 1500 people on board were dead after the ship accidentally hit a big snow glacier in the deep water.

The only surviving lady named Rose tells the story to her grandchildren about that amazing trip that change into a nightmare for all victims. Titanic is a movie that includes action, drama, and the love between two different souls who first time met on this cruise.

Ghost Ship:

Ghost Ship

Director: Steve Beck |Genre: Horror | released: 2002 | runtime: 1hour 31 minutes

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If you like to watch some horrible boat movies, this one is perfect for you to watch. The story is about a lost ship that missing in 1962 in the Bering sea.

The ship was found by some ship rescuers and they want to own this missing ship. All crew get onboard this mysterious ship and take it to their harbor. Suddenly some horrific thing starts happening and they get trapped in this ghost ship. After some time the group realizes that there are some supernatural creatures also existing on this ship.

In the Heart of Sea:

In the Heart of Sea

Director: Ron Howard |Genre: adventure/action/ biography | released: 2015| runtime: 2hour 2 minutes

This amazing story is about a real-life incident that happened in the 1820’s winter when a Whaling ship named Essex was destroyed by an attack from a huge whale.

All the crew get helpless in the cruel waves of the sea and find a way to survive. The story is about the real struggle to keep alive by facing harsh storms, hunger, and tired bodies. This real struggle attracts author Herman Melville to write an amazing novel.

Some New Boat Movies Are

Deep blue sea 3: 2020

Grey hound: 2020

ADRIFT: 2018

Overboard: 2018

Jungle cruise: 2021

The Boat: 2018

The Mercy : 2018

The perfect storm: 2000

The Weekend sailor: 2016

Titanic: 1997

Wind: 1992

All is lost: 2013

Captain Ron: 1992

Captain Philip: 2013

Ghost ship: 2002

Life of Pi: 2012

Maiden: 2018

In The Heart of The sea: 2015

Jaws: 1975

Master and Commander: 2003

Dead Calm: 1989

White Squall: 1996


There are lots of boat movies that you must watch once in a lifetime. We try to gather some of the latest movies from the list of best boat movies. Every film has its own unique story and charm. Select a movie from the list and enjoy your weekend or vacation watching these excellent stories.


Not all but some of the best boat movies are based on real-life stories, such as Adrift, Captain Philip, Titanic, and many other films.

The Boat movie was shot on the coast of Malta and in film studios of Malta.

The movie is based on a novel story, and the character Pi is a fictional character.

Its true that the movie Titanic is based on a real story but the love story in the movie is all fictional and Jack and Rose also only fictional character.

The Author of best Boat movies is Elliot.

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