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Action movie lovers always want to watch something best. Young boys love to watch shooting (best sniper movies stuff), thrills, action, and war, all of which come together in sniper movies. A sniper is a trained military force soldier who’s never missed shooting during a war or fight.

Top 11 Sniper Movies List of 2023


Most sniper movies are based on true stories or military wars, the character of a sniper performed by famous male actors. Who performed their character the same as real-life heroes. Below are some best sniper movies that you have to watch in a lifetime. You will experience non-stop action and enjoy your film till the end without leaving the screen.

To make sure you are well entertained and satisfied, I have formulated a list of new sniper showdown movies and watching each movie with my friends, family and some all by my self.

1. American Sniper

Release date: December 11, 2014

Genre: action, war, drama, thriller, biography, history

Duration: 133 minutes

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Description About American Sniper

This is a must-watch sniper movie based on real-life American military hero Chris kyle. He serves during the Iraq war, leaving his wife and kids behind, and saves many lives through his best sniper abilities.

Chris spent four tours in Iraq and finally returned home to end the war forever. The character of Chris In this mind blowing movie is played by (Bradley cooper). Don’t miss watching this movie to enjoy a realistic and deadly warfare experience.

According to my personal point of view American Sniper gives you Goosebumps and revive a patriot spirit in you.

2. Shooter

Release date March 22, 2007

Genre: crime, action, mystery, drama, thrill

Duration:144 minutes

Directed by: Antoine Fuqua

Description About Shooter

This movie named shooter is basically about Bob lee swagger, who is one of the highly-trained snipers in the US marine corps. Swagger role performed by the Mark Wahlberg, who nailed this role perfectly.

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The movie starts with the sudden disappearance of the swagger after a mission gets against him. No one knows where he is gone. After that, some high government officials took charge to find him and asked him to join a new mission about the president of the United States.

But after some time, Bob knows that all things go against him, and he is now a wanted person from all over the nation who set a plot against the president instead of running away. Swagger plan to take revenge on the people who make him suspect and save themselves. No doubt, the shooter is a great action, thrill, and political movie. The Star cast of the film did an amazing job. A not miss sniper movie.

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3. Jarhead

Release date: November 4, 2005

Genre: history, action, adventure, drama, biography, war

Duration: 133 minutes

Directed by: Sam Mendes

Description About Jarhead

Jarhead is an old but must-watch sniper movie. The movie’s story is based on a memoir of a young marine sniper from the US military named Anthony Swofford. Who’ve friends called him Swoff. The role of Swoff act by the famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

The whole story of the movie is about a soldier thoughts who enroll in the Marine to fight in the gulf war. You can experience Swoff struggles in boot camp training and sniper course. After that, Swoff and his team were sent to Saudi Arabia for 175 days to go through extreme heat, misery, and an exhausting situation. After missing a chance to shoot an Iraqi commander, he comes back home, but his girlfriend leaves him for another guy.

And he felt broken because of all these situations. This spectacular movie has two more parts released in 2014 and 2016 named Jarhead 2 (field of fire) and other is Jarhead 3 (The siege).

4. Jack Reacher

Release date: December 20, 2012

Genre: adventure, action, mystery, crime, drama, thriller

Duration: 133 minutes

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Description About Jack Reacher

The story begins with a sniper shoot of five innocent people on a typical day to create panic in the other people. Quickly authorities arrested a suspect man named James Barr. Barr was an ex-sniper in the US army. During the investigation, Barr tells a name Jack Reacher. The detective of the case finds Jack Reacher, who is an ex-investigator of the army.

Reacher believes that Barr is involved in the horrible attack, but he is agreed to help Barr’s lawyer. In the end, Jack reveals many untold truths about Jack and Barr’s relationship. Jack Reacher was a hit in cinemas in 2012.

And I personally like Tom Cruse’s acting a lot and my family love watching it with me specially my young boy.

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5. 15 minutes of War

Release date: January 30, 2019

Genre: drama, military, action, history

Duration: 100 minutes

Directed by: Fred Grivois

Description About Jack Reacher

The movie story is about the hijacking of a school bus of French students and their teachers by Somalian rebels in Djibouti city. The hijackers took the bus to an unknown place between Somalia and the French border, and the French government made a force of elite shooters to save the hostages.

The trained force reached the area. Somalian forces also take charge of the border. The French force team has a very short time to tackle the situation. They save all kids and teachers with a group of 5 snipers and attack the hijackers. I got to tell you about it because this movie is based on a real life story.

6. The Wall

Release date: May 12, 2017

Genre: drama, thrill, action, war

Duration: 90 minutes

Directed by: Doug Liman

Description About The Wall

This breathtaking action movie is a must-watch for sniper movie lovers. The film’s story is about the two soldiers named Allen Isaac and Shane Matthews who get into a troubled situation during a post War in Iraq. Both soldiers do their duty when an enemy sniper attacks them.

Matthews gets critically injured, and Isaac gets a bullet stuck in his leg. No help around. They hide themselves behind a collapsed wall. And Isaac starts fighting for his and his friend’s life with that invisible enemy.

7. Phone Booth

Release date September 11 2002

Genre: Action, mystery, adventure, crime

Duration: 81 minutes

Directed by: Joel Schumacher

Description About Phone Booth

The story starts in a phone booth when a guy picks up a call ringing in a phone booth. The caller threats him and sets a sniper shoot with laser light on him. The unknown caller knows everything about the guy and traps him by asking different riddles—the guy plan to save himself from that killer and the police. The movie breaks the records in the business.

This movie has a special place in my heart because while watching it, I feel thrilled.

8. Saving Private Ryan

Release date: July 21, 1998

Genre: action, thrill, drama, war

Duration: 2h 49m

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Description About Saving Private Ryan

This movie is still a hit after two decades. The story of the film is about finding a missing soldier in a war that is the last boy of his mother, who lost her three boys on the battlefield. A special team of force was sent to retrieve Ryan, and one by one, each soldier lost their life to complete this mission. You can enjoy many sniper scenes in the movie.

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9. The American


Released date: September 1, 2010

Genre: action, suspense, crime

Duration: 95 minutes

Directed by: Anton Corbjin

Description About The American

The story of the movie is about an American assassin who is an expert craftsman. Jack is assigned the task of making a compelling customized sniper. He falls in love with a girl and breaks the rules of keeping secrets about making weapons. He escapes to Italy to save himself from his deadly enemies. You can enjoy the movie with suspense and experience the historical places of Rome.

I personally like the acting and role of the hero.

10. Enemy at the Gates

Release date: March 14, 2001

Genre: war, drama

Duration: 71 minutes

Directed by: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Description About Enemy at the Gates

The story of the movie revolves around a Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsev. Who destroy German officers during world war 2. The story tells about the actual progress of Vassili’s ordinary soldier life to an expert marksman. Finally, he fights with a Berlin sniper who sends to the battlefield by the Germans to kill the Vassili.

11. The Jackal

Release date: November 14, 1997

Genre: action, thriller

Duration: 125 minutes

Directed by: Michael Caton- Jones

Description About The Jackal

The movie is based on a novel by Frederick Forsyth. The jackal is an assassin and imitator and has connections with the Russian Mafia. a prisoner IRA sniper leaves free to stop the jackal. Because jackal involves in the killing spree. Mulqueen gets bail from the jail to eliminate the jackal activities, who is busy making a plan to kill a politician.

You will connect with the movie until the end and unfold the mystery with the action and thrill.

Some More Sniper Movies are:

Sniper (2022) which is a film of Zhang Taofang and written by Chen Yu

The Virtuoso (Released in 2021)

12 Strong (Released in 2018)

Hyena Road (Released in 2015)

Léon: The Professional (Released in 1994)

Kill Chain (Released in 2019)

Elephant White (Released in 2011)

Sniper: Ultimate Kill (Released in 2017)

Sniper (Released in 1993)

Sniper: Ghost Shooter (Released in 2016)

Enemy At The Gates (Released in 2001)

Sniper: Special Ops (Released in 2016)

Wanted (Released in 2008)

Act Of Valor (Released in 2012)

Sniper: Reloaded (Released in 2011)

The Jackal (Released in 1997)

Black Hawk Down (Released in 2001)

Three Kings (Released in 1999)

Full Metal Jacket (Released in 1987)

The Deer Hunter (Released in 1978)

Hitman (Released in 2007)

Predators (Released in 2010)

The Hurt Locker (Released in 2008)

Lone Survivor (Released in 2013)

Casualties Of War (Released in 1989)

The Marksman (Released in 2005)

Frequently Asked Questions

Some best sniper characters in action movies who won the hearts of viewers with their powerful acting are:

  • Thomas Beckett from sniper 1993
  • Vassili Zaitsev from Enemy at the Gate 2001
  • Bob Lee Swagger from Shooter 2007
  • Private Jackson from Saving private Ryan 1998
  • Chris Kyle from American Sniper 2014

You can watch the best sniper movies by downloading from different websites, or some movies are available on Netflix. However, I recommend buying it from an online store that offers it in a blue ray result or high quality graphics so you can enjoy your thrilling experience at one.

Check author of best sniper movies.

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