Several children in the UK have died from an infection called Strep A since its discovery by health officials in the UK.

Infections like this are more likely to spread since Covid restrictions were eased. In the recent weeks, the number of cases associated with the disease has increased significantly.

What is Strep A? It is a kind of bacteria that can sometimes be found on the skin or in the throat (Same like Covid)

Coughs and sneezes can spread it to other people and it can be contracted through close contact. (Like Covid)

Viral Disease: Sometimes, Strep A can cause invasive group A streptococcal infection. That is quite critical for Children.

The first thing that you can do is speak with your doctor if you think your child may have any symptoms of Strep A.

If you are thinking about any sort of vaccine then sorry to say it can only be treated via Antibiotics.