There was an official unveiling of the new stealth bomber and the backbone of future American aviation - the B-21 Raider - on December 3 in Palmdale, California.

The B-21 is designed for deep penetration, leaving the US military out of range of enemy missiles (10 Tons and 9600 Km Range)

With the naked eye, it is clear that the plane has no sharp edges or corners. Air intakes are thin and large.

B-21 was white on stage, but its anti-radar coating and color scheme may have changed. This Color is much attractive as compared to previous model.

The "new paint" may also a new technology from Northrup Grumman that should solve the problem of accelerated wear of familiar radar coatings.

A B-21 was designed to attack enemies. In the first weeks of a potential war with China, American bases will be "spent”.

Now it's time for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force and Navy to take the field. It's a direct challenge for sure.

I believe that the B-21 Raider is more likely to be a 5th generation bomber than a 6th generation bomber.