During the filming of her holiday rom-com "Love Hard" in 2021, Nina Dobrev shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip.

The 33-year-old actress from The Vampire Diaries, shared a throwback video showing her getting ready for a comedic scene in the film with a time lapse of how she got into makeup.

As part of that process, she even shared the reaction she received from one of her pets. Keep on reading...

As the video begins, Dobrev says, "We're going to do a makeup test today. We're going to change this face into that face." Dobrev briefly shows a picture of her face looking puffy.

After that, she shares a sped-up video of two makeup artists applying her prosthetic. Keep on reading..

She also posted a video of herself showing off her new makeup on her dog Maverick. Maverick is lying on the couch as Dobrev kneels before him.

Trying to get the pup's attention, she teases, "Why are you looking so weird?"