She doesn't just have a small role in the new musical Some Like It Hot, the Grammy-winning singer is also involved in the production of the show!

In advance of the Shubert Theatre's opening night performance on Sunday, Carey announced a pre-show announcement ahead of her performance.

As Carey stated in the recording, "Welcome to the Shubert Theatre. We ask that you turn off your cell phones and refrain from using cameras or recording devices

On Sunday night, the Some Like It Hot cast shared a celebratory toast on stage before the show to hear the announcement.

On the evening of their opening night, Carey had gifted the actors with bottles of champagne as a way of showing his appreciation.

It was with fainting spells that the company members feigned fainting spells as others gasped, clapped, cheered and gasped in recognition of her speech.

Ticket holders will hear Carey's voice every night at the theater, welcoming them and reminding them to silence their phones.