Shelton and host Jennifer Hudson reminisced about their The Voice gifts when they appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Monday.

With a chuckle, Shelton, 46, told the newsman that he remembered and one of his sons had received it from him.

While Shelton was hanging out with the cast's kids, Hudson's 13-year-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., asked where he could buy a goat.

He remembered that it was this time of year. He remembered saying to you, "I really want to get him a goat for Christmas." He bought the goat.

It was then Hudson turned to a half-empty auditorium and asked, "Tell me, don't y'all know that Blake sent me a whole goat

Shelton had to determine how to send Hudson's son the goat after the Voice season ended, the cast members went their separate ways, and the season ended.

In fact, this goat had a first-class trip from Oklahoma to Chicago, because I couldn't see you," Shelton continued. "This goat had a very long flight."

We named the goat Prancer after Hudson, who said it was one of the best Christmases he had ever had.

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