A renegade move, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona became independent Friday, bolstering her political brand but not upending the Democratic majority in the Senate.

During the campaign, she said that she would not caucus with Republicans. That is quite strange for a strong lady like her.

As one of the most vibrant, yet often unpredictable forces in the Senate, Sinema faces reelection in 2024.

Overturing to Republicans and opposing Democratic priorities frustrate her Democratic colleagues at times.

In a traditional party system, I simply do not fit in as well as I would like,” Sinema said in an interview Friday.

According to Sinema, she still hasn't decided whether to run for re-election. However, she did say re-election is a time for being "true to myself and true to those I represent."

Senator Chuck Schumer expressed his gratitude to Sinema for providing him with a statement on her decision. He said Sinema requested to maintain her committee assignments.

Also, Sinema's move foreshadowed the fact that she would likely face opposition from within her own party in the coming years that are likely to continue.