To retire as the greatest player of his generation, he must win the game's biggest prize if he wants to be regarded as the greatest of his generation.

When compared to Diego Maradona, who is often used as a comparison between Messi and his opponent, the player won fewer titles and scored fewer goals.

There is a religion in Argentina named after him since he won a World Cup, but Messi does not even have a church named after him because he did not even win a World Cup.

After leading Argentina to a 4-3 penalty-kick win over the Netherlands after 90 minutes of regulation and two 15-minute extra time,

Messi has a shot at matching Maradona and leading Argentina into the semifinals of the Qatar World Cup on Friday.

In addition to playing a role in both Argentina's goals on Friday, he has also scored or assisted on six of the team's nine goals.

His career has been shadowed by the accomplishments of Maradona, who is an inspiration to Messi. Messi is the real reason of winning.

Despite his death two years ago, Messi says Maradona is watching over us from heaven. Hs Death has Changed Messi.