Jake Tapper revealed a few days before Thanksgiving last year that his 15-year-old daughter Alice may have died from a misdiagnosed disease.

The family shared their tumultuous days after Alice was misdiagnosed with appendicitis as part of both an opinion piece written by Alice and a short segment on CNN

As part of the discussion, we discussed the importance of spreading awareness about the issue, which is much more common than people realize.

Sadly, I am intimately familiar with the costs associated with misdiagnosis from my own experience," Tapper explained as he introduced his CNN segment.

My daughter Alice who was then 14 years old almost lost her life about a year ago due to the consequences of the result she had encountered

Misdiagnoses are common with appendicitis, which does not always present in a standard way. The Saddest Truth..

Her stomach pain led her to be hospitalized, but doctors ruled out appendicitis after she reported abdominal pain throughout her body