There's nothing better than going exploring for the holidays with Drew Barrymore. Well, it sounds Great.

In an interview with Travel + Leisure, the actress and producer talked about her plans for the upcoming season

In addition, she said she was planning on spending time with her two daughters on a relaxing beach getaway as soon as possible

In an interview with the magazine, the 50 First Dates actress discussed her dislike of giving gifts to her children even though they are small.

The truth is, I do not buy my children any presents for their birthdays, which makes me sound like a mean Scrooge to them," said the mother.

Ever since I've had children, I've always taken them somewhere because I want them to see a real life experience.

Building memories is so important to me that I never really do presents under the tree. Barrymore said that she is one of those travelers who plans multi-day itineraries 

 That include food that she must eat, as well as fun activities that she should do while she is abroad