Elle Woods may want to take a cue from Reese Witherspoon - because it is clear that red is now the new pink in the world of fashion.

There were two posts uploaded on Instagram by the Legally Blonde actress wearing the striking holiday hue this week.

During the first shot, Witherspoon was wearing a red turtleneck sweater with pink stripes running down the arm of the sweater.

Adding a black winter hat and hoop earrings to the look, along with dark denim jeans, completed the look.

In what was billed as a friendly competition, the actress made her rounds on The Morning Show the next day to show off everyone's ugly sweaters.

The red sweater Witherspoon wore was not her submission for the sweater contest, however. Doesn't look so bad at all.

A warm ruby-red color and delicate ribbed detail make this jacket absolutely stunning, and there is no way it could be considered ugly.

Instead of wearing a costume for that, she changed into a reindeer costume!