Caleb Williams' first year with the Trojans earned him college football's most coveted individual honor.

It was the first all-quarterback Heisman final since 2018 when Williams beat C.J. Stroud, Max Duggan, and Stetson Bennett.

Despite receiving 1,420 points compared to Williams' 2,031, uggan came in second in the voting with 1,420 points.

In the last 13 years, this is the 11th time that a quarterback has won the award in the last 13 years, with Stroud finishing third (539 points) and Bennett finishing fourth (349 points).

It is an honor for me to be honored to join this historic fraternity at Saturday's award ceremony in New York City," Williams said in his acceptance speech.

While it is true that this award is given to an individual, I am certainly aware of the fact that nothing -- absolutely nothing -- that we do in this sport, or in life, can be achieved alone

There are currently 37 passing touchdowns by Williams, making him the leader in the FBS, and he ranks fourth in pass yards (4,075