It has been decided that Jesse Metcalfe and Corin Jamie-Lee Clark will no longer collaborate on any projects together. They Were together along time.

Metcalfe has reportedly broken up with Clark, 29, over the past few weeks, sources close to her tell Us. According to sources close to Metcalfe, the 44-old alum of Desperate Housewives left Clark.

The source tells me that Metcalfe decided to end the relationship after he realized they would not be able to progress their relationship further.

Metcalfe's Instagram page no longer shows Clark as a follower, and there is no trace of Clark on Metcalfe's Instagram page anymore.

There are still photos of him on her social media account, however, which indicate that he is still alive for her.

During Clark's birthday month in December 2020, Metcalfe took to his Instagram account to share a sweet tribute to the model, which marked the beginning of their relationship.

The two appear to be wrapped around each other in a now-deleted photo with Clark standing behind her with one leg raised.