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Today I’m so much tired but for you guys I’m always fresh. So, I thought why don’t I guys give you a solid and honest elf review.

Elf Dialogues

Leon the Snowman: Why the long face, Buddy?

Buddy: It seems I’m not an elf.

Leon the Snowman: Of course you’re not an elf. You’re six-foot-three and had a beard since you were fifteen.

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Gimbel’s Manager: Why are you smiling like that?

Buddy: I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite

Buddy: “I’m sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.”

A week ago, my whole family was together to celebrate mom’s birthday. We were planning to watch a special Christmas movies after finishing the dinner. We consider several classics, but then I found out that most of them hadn’t seen Elf. I wasn’t too surprised, but this was still a tragedy that needed fixing. Although I’m not a fan of Will Ferrell, I can’t help but love this movie. So hopefully my family liked it as well.

elf couple

Main Cast

Will Ferrell acting as Buddy
James Caan acting as Walter
Bob Newhart acting as Papa Elf
Zooey Deschanel acting as Jovie
Directed by Jon Favrue (he also directed some Iron Man movies)


-Will Ferrell was wearing an elf costume and people seeing an elf guy walking on the road and this act makes them confused so much that they meet an accident.

The story begins one late Christmas night in an orphanage. While Santa is dropping off his presents, a little toddler crawls out of his crib and into Santas bag. The little stow away makes it back to the North Pole, where he is adopted by one of the elves(Papa Elf).

The only thing the baby is wearing is a diaper so, logically they name him Buddy,  after the name on the diaper. Over the next 30 years, he grows up in the North Pole with Santa’s elves and comes to believe that he is one of them. Unfortunately, he’s not much of an elf.

He isn’t good at making toys, which results in him getting rotated from one job to the next. One day in Santa’s Workshop he overhears two of the elves talking. From their discussion he find out the truth, he’s not an elf. After learning this he talks to Papa Elf, who tells him that his real father lives in New York City.  Buddy decides to set out on a quest to meet his true father in New York City.  

The 7 Stages of Candy Cane

The elf passed beyond the 7 stages of candy cane forest along with making his way through the swirly twirly gum drops sea and this is not over yet because on his way he also took the liberty of passing through Lincoln Tunnel. Things in New York aren’t at all what he expects, it’s a new, exciting, and sometimes confusing place. He quickly learns that he doesn’t fit in here anymore than he did at the North Pole.

He meets his real dad and family but things don’t go well with them either. Almost at the end of this movie, a beautiful scene comes that takes us to the where you can say “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Buddy is walking across a bridge, he stops and stares down into the water as if contemplating jumping. But at that instant there’s a loud bang and Santa’s Sled suddenly appears and crashes into Central Park. Buddy rushes to help Santa and in the end saves Christmas and unites his family.

elf end

There are two main themes from the movie that I’d like to examine.

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A considerable focus is placed on Buddy’s real Dad(Walter). Walter is a workaholic and has never been a good father to his other son. This is evident from the get go and is reiterated until the end of the movie. However, in the scene just before the bridge, Walter is forced to make the decision between work and his family.

Great Scene

This is a great scene because it demonstrates that even if you’ve made bad decisions in the past, you can choose to change and do the right thing. In our society so much emphasis is placed on physical possessions and our own personal status, that it is refreshing to see them show the importance of choosing your family.

The second theme that we observe is that Buddy wants to fit in and find a place where he belongs. He thinks he fits in with the elves but learns that he’s human and can’t meet the expectations of the other elves. This leads to him seek out his human family, but once he meets them, he discovers that he doesn’t fit in with them any better.

As I was growing and no longer was a child. I just wish to get fit with who ever I met and think that he is my friend. But with time I realize it is not supposed to be. It’s not necessary that everybody will be my friend or I have to fit in with who ever I met.

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In John 17, Jesus prays that we will be “in the world, but not of the world.” This doesn’t mean that we isolate ourselves from everyone that doesn’t believe the same thing as us or that we don’t have non-christian friends. The point is that we don’t act like or look like the world.

We are to stand out and to be different than the world. Sometimes this means we won’t fit in and that is ok. Throughout my teenage years I struggled with this everyday. I tend to be a people pleaser and so I found it difficult to be different. Unfortunately, I most often chose to ignore my values and do whatever I needed to fit in. But this isn’t the plan God has for us. God outlines His plan for us in 1.

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Elf is a great Christmas movie, one of my favorites. It’s not that it has great acting, although Will Ferrell does an excellent job of playing his character. It also isn’t that it has some profound story. The most I like about this movie is that is has pretty much funny scenes and dialogues where you can laugh aloud like crazy people or maybe you can chown yourself in laughters.

When you’re not laughing at the dialogue you’re laughing at the ridiculous things that Buddy is doing. The humor might not be for everyone, but even my Mom, who typically doesn’t care for that humor, was laughing throughout the movie. My main issue with Will Ferrell is that most of his movies are full of crude/lewd humor. Elf sets itself apart from his other movies by being funny without all the crudeness.

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