In addition to ingratiating him in-depth with conservatives, the tech billionaire's latest move could plunge the social media platform bottomless into political controversy.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk stoked controversy by revealing sensitive internal discussions at Twitter regarding Hunter Biden's computer files.

This is just the latest sign that Twitter's new owner is steering the platform in a conservative and libertarian direction.

Musk urged his followers to vote Republican ahead of the midterm elections. After taking an informal online poll, he reinstated former President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Matt Taibbi, a longtime critic of online censorship and mainstream media outlets, received the communications but POLITICO has not independently verified them.

Several hours before the event, Musk teased, "This will be awesome," and suggested he was personally involved in its preparation.

It is expected that the House Republicans, who tweeted an homage to Musk in October, will open an investigation into Hunter Biden's business deals when the chamber turns over to them next month.