Tunisia Scored 1 in the second half while France still gets zero score The Final Score of the match is 1

Highlights of the Match: Finally, Tunisia won the match against France Australia is now willing to beat Denmark to take the second position in Group D behind France

Tunisia is now willing to beat the world champions as they drop out from the league Is it possible? Read to find out more..

Last Contribution of Wahbi Kkazri: 60 Minutes: Issam Jebali was coming to get him and knock them out of the match. This will be the end of Tunisia, that will be the knockout of them.

Wahbi takes the goal by drifting past Rapheel Varane and Steve. Breaking the defenses of France team and heading towards the goal. And He finally goals.

Wahbi Khazri Takes the future of Tunisia team into the world cup. The World will see what this man can do

Match of the Day: It is now said that 24th minute Kinglsy Coman’s shot is now considered the longest wait for a shot in the history of 2022 World Cup.