Russell Wilson dialed his own number as the Broncos trailed 27-7 with a third-and-1 situation in front of them.

After scoring on Denver's previous possession to end Kansas City's shutout attempt, Pat Surtain II intercepted the Chiefs' pass.

The ball was still on Denver's 49-yard line with less than a minute remaining before the halftime break, and it was in desperate need of a big gain.

Wilson scrambled again on a couple of plays later and he was able to move the ball inside the red zone.

In less than 90 seconds, the Broncos scored their second touchdown of the game with a 5-yard touchdown pass from QB Peyton Manning to Jerry Jeudy.

Nathaniel Hackett, the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, said that Wilson's read-option call was "one of the best plays we saw all night

This performance was the best of the season for the Broncos as a result of Wilson's mobility and his skills on the field.