In a tweet alongside a video clip showing her new car, she wrote, "Drove through Santiago Canyon with my love,"

A gift was given to celebrate her accomplishment, and an exciting update was shared with her fans on Twitter as well.

She posted a video on Facebook on Friday, as she cruised along a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with another motorcyclist

Presumably Eddie Judge, 49 - and wore a leather jacket and helmet, while listening to rap tune "Tick Tick Boom," sung by Sage the Gemini as it played, alongside the video.

"I've done it!! I've got my motorcycle license and I've gotten a @harleydavidson LiveWire delivered by Santa," she wrote in the caption.

 🏍️"I just completed a beautiful ride with my love through Santiago Canyon, and I am hooked!" Read yo Continue

Spoke with the reality star about her marriage to Eddie and revealed they both enjoy bicycle riding.