A 4-year-old shares his admiration for his dad's fellow Golden State Warriors teammate after watching the Warriors defeat the Boston Celtics in an Instagram video.

Curry asked Canon to hold his hand after the game as the group appeared to be heading to the locker room. "Hello, Klay Thompson," Canon replied.

A few people who witnessed the cute moment, including Thompson, 32, chuckled along with the cute moment, before Thompson replied to Canon, "Hey, what's up man

For over ten years, Curry, 34, has been teammates with Thompson, who plays for the Warriors. Amazing Game.

Thompson became the 13th player in the history of the NBA on Tuesday to become the first player to surpass 2000 career triples.

Besides Canon, Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry also have two daughters Riley, which is 10 years old, and Ryan, which is 7 years old.

He provided an insight into his children's opinions of him during a conversation with E! News at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards earlier this month.

His sons will get to benefit from his experiences, but he acknowledged that basketball will eventually end.