When Meghan Markle curtsied before the Queen, she seemed to at least have some idea of how to do so.

In 2016, the former actress claimed that she did not know what she was doing when she met the late monarch for the first time..

Her curtsy has gone viral after a resurfaced clip from the television show "Suits" was posted on the internet.

The actress Markle, who played Rachel Zane the paralegal in the drama series, made a brief appearance on one of its episodes in 2010

Curtsy of understated manner in front of Rick Hoffman, who played the role of attorney Louis Litt on the show.

According to the post, Markle's "perfect" curtsey "proves she knew how to curtsy long before she met Harry, and her whole Netflix show about curtsying was a mockery

During her first encounter with the late monarch in 2016, Markle claimed she "didn't know what she was doing" in their Netflix docuseries.