During the holidays, there's a new trend in town that's going to be perfect for you to wear when you're tired of wearing the same old button-down shirt every day.

A few celebrities have been seen in recent months wearing clothing with tie-neck collars on them, and we have been observing this trend for a while now.

Despite the fact that this look may seem a bit old-fashioned, stars are reinterpreting it in fresh, sophisticated ways.

While Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were on a recent trip to Boston with the Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess chose a soft pink, feminine blouse with a loose bow at the neck.

Wearing it under a burgundy tailored blazer, which complemented it perfectly, the Princess of Wales kept it classy.


In addition to the A-listers, you can also find the trend in dress form, which is a great option for your next holiday party as it turns out to be fun and totally appropriate as well.

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