Kids, please behave," Stephen Baldwin wrote in the comments section of a video of Jaclyn Smith and Brad Allen doing a fun workout.

A couple of days ago, Jaclyn Smith and her husband Brad Allen took to Instagram to show off their sultry workout moves.

The Charlie's Angels alum and heart surgeon, who married her in 1997, posted a video of them working out together on Tuesday. It shows 77-year-old Charlie's Angels and the surgeon.

Throughout the clip, Smith straddles Allen as she does push-ups, kissing him sweetly after each one.

While sitting on Smith's shoulders, Allen performs squats while showing off his skills as he performs squats.

The actor Stephen Baldwin wrote, "Kids please behave." in the comments section. He understands Love..

The couple kisses between reps of push-ups while Allen performs leg lifts and the actress does push-ups.