There has been an update this week on Toby Keith's battle against stomach cancer, and the country music superstar appears to be holding his own in the fight against the disease.

In June, the 61-year-old announced that he is diagnosed with cancer, and said that he would be taking a break from touring for treatment, which included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

This famous Superstar has 21 music albums while 30 mil. Records are sold. Billboard has charted 20 of his singles at number one.

"Toby Keith" was his first album. It was on Oct. 15, 2021 when he dropped "Peso in My Pocket" that he released his last one.

Keith smiled. "I'm thinking of getting back into fighting shape as soon as possible."

And you Know what he did:

It's time for me to rest and heal. If things stay hunky-dory, we'll consider something good."