Despite the fact that House of the Dragon is now in its second season, Matthew Needham is still trying to put his head around what happened during the first season.

The Complete First Season Blu-ray, Needham, 38, opens up about his reaction to fans fully embracing the Game of Thrones prequel.

Needham also dissects one of the more infamous scenes of the season and explains that, Incredible I say...

while on the surface he understands why social media went nuts over the foot fetish, there are vastly deeper layers to the moment.

MATTHEW NEEDHAM: It's definitely what I imagined. I sort of thought it would be okay, Ahh interesting...

but I didn't think you could capture lightning in a bottle like with the impact of the first series, which was so monumental.

Embraced, to say the least. Safe to assume you're getting recognized far more often these days thanks to Larys?

I didn't know what to expect, but everyone who has come up to me has been really nice and positive. [Laughs.] Going into Beast Mode..