Gina Rodriguez tells People when promoting her new movie, Not Dead Yet, "I just want to let go." Keep on reading

Even though Gina Rodriguez's first child is due in a few weeks, she is already a pro at being a working mom.

Additionally, Jane the Virgin alum Joe LoCicero is preparing for the debut of her new show, Not Dead Yet, which premieres Feb. 8.

There's no other way to describe life," says the 38-year-old actress who is doing double duty on the ABC comedy as both a star and executive producer

Everything, everywhere, all at once, isn't it? The movie is great, but the title also seems very appropriate given that the movie is about life itselfl

"It is all at once, and I am just trying to let go." She continues. "Sometimes, I have been able to let go successfully, and at other times, I have been gripping too hard," she continues.

Life's ups and downs aren't thrown off Rodriguez, who enjoys the feeling of “being alive” when he sits in them.

Nell Serrano, her character in her new series, is returning to California after a breakup and embracing change