The Ratings

Since we are a movie review blog with a number of writers, it can be difficult for our readers to get a good idea for if they’ll like a movie based on the ratings of one out of six people. So, we’ve devised a nice little ratings system to help you all out. The scale is 1 to 5, 5 being the best, with 0.5 increments. To make our ratings a little unique, and in keeping with our general theme of reviewing movies from a Christian perspective, we’ve created images with some modified scripture included. Don’t worry, God said it’s cool 😉 We’ll do our best to keep to these descriptions when considering how to rate each movie.

1/5 – There is nearly nothing of value in this film. You can find better acting at your local high school drama club. The story is filled with errors or inaccuracies. The effects would be better drawn with crayon on cardboard, and the message of the film is completely vain or done far better in other films. You could not pay me enough to see this again. Avoid this movie like the plague.

Rating - 1

2/5 – While there were hints of decency, overall this movie was quite bad. The acting seemed awkward and often forced and many of the plot points were either wasted, unnecessary or completely off the wall. The backdrop and scenery were pretty laughable. I can probably squeeze some sort of scriptural connection out of it, but by and large this is a useless movie. Not worth the price of a Redbox rental. Even if it’s on television I would only see it if absolutely nothing else were on.

Rating - 2

3/5 – Not too bad, but nothing I’m excited to tell anyone about. One or two character decisions or thematic messages to be able to work with from a Christian perspective, but mostly I struggled to find some connections. The acting was fine, no big complaints. Plot seemed logical enough though perhaps a bit unrealistic in some aspects. If you were excited to see this film going in you were likely disappointed by the end. Worth a rental but maybe not worth a trip to the theater unless the action or effects warrant a big screen showing.

Rating - 3

4/5 – This is a real solid film by all accounts. The main actors did wonderful jobs at portraying their characters and conveyed whatever emotions were called for. I could maybe picture a better actor/actress in some parts if I really thought about it. The story was intriguing and kept me interested the whole time. If I find things wrong with this it is because I’m being picky. Just about anyone who sees this movie can find something to enjoy, assuming they know what they’re getting into. Definitely worth at least a matine’ if you don’t want to pony up the cash for an evening showing, but if you do you won’t be disappointed.

Rating - 4

5/5 – This is as close to flawless as you can get. Superb acting, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing these characters. Incredible scenery and effects, it all flowed perfectly and was suitable in every way, nothing overdone or embellished. It is soaked with scriptural themes and even the score of the film set the mood from the get-go and added incredible depth to each dramatic, funny or intense moment. If you don’t catch this in the theaters you will be kicking yourself. Cough up the $10 and see this thing right now!

Rating - 5

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