Rants are just what you might think. We sound off on whatever we’re interested in at the moment. They aren’t all negative, they’re not all positive, they just… are.  Unlike our reviews, these will likely focus more on cinema than on Christianity. But maybe not 🙂

Here are some of our latest rants.

Christians and R-Rated Movies

House of Cards: The Most Important Question

Seven Deadly Sins of Theater-Going

Much Ado About Adaptations

The ClearPlay Dilemma

What Apes can Teach us About Strength in Humility

A Kids Movie for All

Inside the Ending of ‘Interstellar’

Don’t Stereotype Me, Hollywood

Cinderella: A Heroine Outside the 21-st Century Box

– Spend the Extra Million!

Marriage in the Movies

LTBM Origins

– Examining Star Trek, Into Darkness. The Good of the Many, or the Good of the Few?

Examining Lone Survivor: Why Christians should not avoid all violent movies.

– Looking Back on 2013: Eric’s Take

– Looking Back on 2013: Derek’s Take

– Looking Back on 2013: Logan’s Take

– Looking Back on 2013: Tres’ Take

Looking Back on 2013: Elliott & Joy’s Take

Looking Back on 2013: Gene’s Take

– Do You Have an Idol?

– Are Hollywood Voice-overs Sexist?

– If you can choose your fate, is it still your fate?

– Movie Times

– Are Understandable Villains a Good Thing?

– My Movie Pet Peeves

– The Fox and the Hound is Racist

Kids at the Movies: What Age is the Right Age?

What Makes a Superhero, Super?

Where is the Originality Going? 

Classic Children’s tales better left alone

For Your Consideration: Flame & Citron

Contradictory Movie Titles

The Best Decade for Movies… Part 2

The Best Decade for Movies… Part 1

New Movie Ticket Prices: Whats the Deal?

– No Arrow Flies Straight…as Superman

– To squeal or not to squeal


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