The Matrix Review: Reconsidered – Best Movie Summary

the matrix review

Before getting the matrix review, Perhaps you’re thinking: What else can be said about “The Matrix”? Fifteen years later, much ink (or pixels) has been spilled ruminating on the philosophical/religious/fill-in-the-blank themes found in the 1999 film that became a cultural phenomenon. Overview Summary of The Matrix For example, in Faith, Film, and Philosophy David P. Hunt argues … Read more

Elf Review | Best Christian Movie review of all Time

elf review

Today I’m so much tired but for you guys I’m always fresh. So, I thought why don’t I guys give you a solid and honest elf review. Elf Dialogues Leon the Snowman: Why the long face, Buddy? Buddy: It seems I’m not an elf. Leon the Snowman: Of course you’re not an elf. You’re six-foot-three … Read more

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Book Review Red Hot

Starting The Hunger Games Catching Fire Book Review I want to tell you guys. First I didn’t get a Saturday review up this weekend.Why? Because Friday’s showing of Catching Fire was all sold out. Catching Fire Cast Now here at LTBM we have done ‘books to movies’ before.  A big part of a sequel for … Read more

Best Classic Children’s Tales Ever That you want to Watch

Classic Children's Tales

I have fond memories of children’s movies I watched repeatedly as a kid. In those days, an indicator of whether you liked a movie was if you were willing to sit through the VCR re-winding the tape. Movies like the 1951 Alice in Wonderland, 1942’s Bambi or some vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs circa 1937. As far as … Read more

Minions Review | Christian Movie full Film Summary

minions review

Minions review: I just left the Minions movie with my wife, youngest two, and eldest son and his lady. My youngest 2 would give this a high rating. ( Not perfect , because they can wait until the DVD to see it again they said.) Author’s Feelings For me, I’m disappointed.  I felt like I … Read more