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Jen Lilley – Passion is Better than Coffee

jen lilley IMG_1305-webVirginia native, Jen Lilley plays Theresa Donovan on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Jen previously starred as Maxie Jones on General Hospital. She was also in Weinstein’s critically acclaimed feature film, The Artist, winner of 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. But don’t let this soap star fool you, Jen is no stranger to comedy. She’s guest starred on tons of sitcoms and was a series regular on MTV’s improvised comedy series, Disaster Date. Jen is active in various charities and garnered the National Educators Award for her work in Guatemala. She is known for advocating for children’s rights, and supports charities that focus on protecting children against physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, and the world water crisis. She is currently a celebrity ambassador for the child abuse and treatment organization Childhelp, an advisory board member for the Innocent Justice Foundation, and a school tour speaker for Thirst Project.

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