More than Movies

Although we focus primarily on movies, pop-culture influences our lives through many other mediums. We have decided to branch out a bit and begin dabbling in other areas of entertainment. For the time being, we will be reviewing TV shows as well as conducting interviews of Christian actors, musicians, authors, etc.  Check below for details.

Television Shows

With more and more television shows taking up an hour or more of our time in the evenings, these are becoming more like miniature movies every year. If you’re a regular reader here, these tv show reviews will be very similar to our movie reviews, but maybe half the length. Since many themes will re-occur each episode, the “Christian perspective” portion of these tv show reviews may be shortened as well. Due to prior time commitments we can’t cover too many shows. If you have a specific show you’d like to see a regular review from a Christian perspective on, or if you would like to become a guest writer for a specific show, please comment below and leave your contact information.


We’re excited to begin interviewing Christians in all fields of entertainment. Not only actors and actresses, we’ll be seeking out Christian writers, artists, musicians, etc. to ask them a little about their experiences, how their faith has guided their decisions, and even potential advice for fellow believers trying to make it in the entertainment industry. We have some candidates and questions in mind, but we would love to hear suggestions from you on who you might like to see us interview. Feel free to comment below. These interviews may be on a quarterly basis, or longer.

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