On a monthly basis we’ll post some sort of list. Maybe a top 5, maybe a top 10, maybe we’ll each give one a piece on a certain topic then put them all together to make the list… who knows!

Here are some of our recent lists.

Our Final List of Favorites

2015 Summer Movie Favorites!

Watch it Again. And Again. And Again.

Our Favorite Car Chase Scenes

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

2015 Oscar Snubs, After the Fact

The 2015 Nominations for Best Lead Actress

– The 2015 Nominations for Best Lead Actor

Looking Forward to 2015

Our Favorite Directors

Our Favorite Foreign Films

Favorite TV Actors Moving to the Big Screen

Our Favorite Stage to Screen Adaptations

Amber’s Top Ten… or so

Remembering Robin Williams

When CGI makes me SMH

Our Favorite Underground Actors/Actresses

Movies We Hate, but You Likely Love

Our Favorite Birth Year Movies

Memorable Plot Twists

Tear-Jerkers for Tough Guys

Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

Looking Forward to 2014

Merry Christmas, and Happy Movie Watching!

The Joys of Childhood Movies

Dynamic Duo’s!

Our Guilty Pleasure Movies

Our All-Time Favorite Disney Movies

Our Favorite Sports Movie Quotes

Seriously, You’re casting them in that role?

Books on the Big Screen

Our Favorite Robot Movies

If You Remake it, They Will Come

Man of Steel: Our likes and dislikes

The Most Vicious Villains

If You Could be Super…

Moral Dilemmas in the Movies

Our Favorite Death Scenes

The WORST movie we’ve ever sat through

Everyone loves a good movie quote

What’s the BEST, Best Picture winner ever?

Well, since Valentine’s Day is coming up…

Our Most Anticipated Movies in 2013

– Elliot’s Top Ten

– Tres’s Top 2 (in categories)

– Gene’s Top Ten

– Derek’s Top Ten


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