Some days are just hard. You feel horrible and think your life is filled with darkness. The world outside scares you and you just wish to stay locked inside your house and do nothing at all. It is completely okay to experience such feelings. Your pain, your struggle, and your emotions are valid. 

However, at such times doing something that excites you or makes you forget your worries at least for the time being helps a lot. Feel-good movies come to your rescue when you are feeling down and depressed. They rejuvenate your soul and brighten up your dull day. They put a smile on your face and make you forget all your stresses, tensions, worries, etc. 

In this article, we will be enlisting the top five feel-good movies that will surely make you feel better. So make yourself some popcorn, order your comfort food, and keep reading. 

  • Love, Simon

Everyone deserves an amazing love story; however, for a teenage boy named Simon Spier things are a little different. He has a huge secret that is hasn’t really shared with anyone around him. What he is hiding from his family and friends is that he is gay and he actually has no clue of the identity of the unknown class fellow that he’s fallen in love with online. Solving both mysteries proves to be quite hilarious, overwhelming, and life-changing. 

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  • Four Weddings and a Funeral

An admirable Englishman named Charles and his small group of besties seem to be super unlucky in love. When the charming Charles meets a stunning American named Carrie played by Andie MacDowell at an intimate wedding, he actually thinks that his days full of bad luck are over. 

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However, after one amazing night, Carrie goes back to the States, ending her relationship with Charles. But as Charles and Carrie’s journeys continue to cross, over a lot of weddings and a single funeral, he actually begins to believe that there is something special between them and that they were always meant to be together.  

  • Easy A 

Prompted by her famous bestie to spill details of her extremely tiring weekend, Olivia played by Emma Stone, a decent teen, decides to leave her old lifestyle and make things a bit interesting by telling a small lie about losing her virginity.  

When the high school queen also known as the head of the mean girls’ squad overhears the entire conversation, she quickly spreads it all over campus and suddenly Olivia becomes famous but not for the right reasons. 

  • Top Secret

Famous and handsome American rock star Nick Rivers goes on a journey to explore East Germany and perform in a fun music festival. When he falls in love with the super stunning Hillary Flammond, he actually finds himself stuck in a suspicious underground resistance movement. 

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Nick quickly joins forces with the cunning agent named Cedric and his girlfriend Hillary to attempt the release of her beloved father Dr. Paul, from the dangerous Germans. Those Germans had captured the doctor in the hopes of forcing him into forming a brand new naval mine. 

  • Little Miss Sunshine

This movie revolves around the Hoover family which consists of a father named Greg, his wife named Toni, a loving uncle, a brother, and a full-of-life grandfather named Alan Arkin. The family decides to get on a bus and travel all the way to California in order to support their beautiful daughter in her bid to actually win the prestigious Little Miss Sunshine competition. 

This movie is a fun, feel-good movie that makes you laugh and shed happy tears. So the next time you feel down or start missing your family, stream this movie and see how your mood becomes better. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the five light-hearted, feel-good films that we have mentioned in this article will help you get rid of all your sad, depressing feelings. You will feel great after watching these movies, we promise. 

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