Best Sniper Movies | That will Surprise you (Must Watch)

best sniper movies

Action movie lovers always want to watch something best. Young boys love to watch shooting (best sniper movies stuff), thrills, action, and war, all of which come together in sniper movies. A sniper is a trained military force soldier who’s never missed shooting during a war or fight. Top Sniper Movies List Most sniper movies … Read more

Frozen vs Tangled | Why Frozen is Best?

frozen vs tangled

Frozen vs Tangled but our second topic in this epic battle is all about the villains! I’ll let Aaron lay out his case first with my rebuttal to follow. Then I’ll follow with my positive case for Frozen’s villain, and Aaron will have a chance at rebuttal. Let’s get to it! Aaron – Tangled’s Villain Knowing … Read more

Transformers Age of Extinction Review | Complete Story

Transformers Age of Extinction Review

Lets start Transformers Age of Extinction Review but first, WELCOME MARK WAHLBERG!Three things caught my eye when I first read about this 4th film in the transformers franchise.1) Dinobots2) Shia LeBeouf is NOT reprising Witwicky3) Mark Wahlberg Starting Review of Transformers 4 The movie begins in a time where the world is still recuperating from … Read more

The Amazing Spiderman Review | Another Spiderman

the amazing Spiderman review

Before getting to the amazing Spiderman review my reaction was this: What another Spiderman!?! Didn’t they just put one out a few years ago? All new actors, villains and story? There’s no need to make another one. Tobey Maguire did a pretty good job didn’t he, (this statement is based on Spiderman 3 never existing). … Read more

The Matrix Review: Reconsidered – Best Movie Summary

the matrix review

Before getting the matrix review, Perhaps you’re thinking: What else can be said about “The Matrix”? Fifteen years later, much ink (or pixels) has been spilled ruminating on the philosophical/religious/fill-in-the-blank themes found in the 1999 film that became a cultural phenomenon. Overview Summary of The Matrix For example, in Faith, Film, and Philosophy David P. Hunt argues … Read more

Elf Review | Best Christian Movie review of all Time

elf review

Today I’m so much tired but for you guys I’m always fresh. So, I thought why don’t I guys give you a solid and honest elf review. Elf Dialogues Leon the Snowman: Why the long face, Buddy? Buddy: It seems I’m not an elf. Leon the Snowman: Of course you’re not an elf. You’re six-foot-three … Read more