Best Classic Children’s Tales Ever That you want to Watch

Classic Children's Tales

I have fond memories of children’s movies I watched repeatedly as a kid. In those days, an indicator of whether you liked a movie was if you were willing to sit through the VCR re-winding the tape. Movies like the 1951 Alice in Wonderland, 1942’s Bambi or some vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs circa 1937. As far as … Read more

Minions Review | Christian Movie full Film Summary

minions review

Minions review: I just left the Minions movie with my wife, youngest two, and eldest son and his lady. My youngest 2 would give this a high rating. ( Not perfect , because they can wait until the DVD to see it again they said.) Author’s Feelings For me, I’m disappointed.  I felt like I … Read more

Into The Woods Review | Best movie reviewing of all times

into the woods review

What do you wish for? Love? Money? Adventure? We make all sorts of wishes, great and small—sometimes without even thinking. What would happen if we actually got everything we wished for? While Steven Sondheim’s Into the Woods is, on the surface, a musical mash-up of Grimm fairy tales, it is an intricate story full of trials, tribulations, … Read more

Fast And Furious 7 Review | A Furious Family Love

furious 7 review

Fast And Furious 7 Review starts with Just when you thought the Fast and Furious crew had taken their “last ride,” the almighty dollar, er, the need to tell the next chapter in the series brings audiences the seventh installment. In case you had thought that fully teaming up with US Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Agent Luke … Read more