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Looking for the Arclight Cinemas ticket prices? You don’t need to worry because this article provides a detailed analysis of each ticket menu available at Arclight, as well as their respective prices.

With our menu guide, you can plan your movie experience with peace of mind.

Arclight Cinemas Ticket Prices Menu

The Arclight ticket menu prices consists of the following categories: Movies, Movies – Widescreen, Movies – Widescreen Atmos, Movies – Atmos, 3D Movies, IMAX, Dome Movies, and 3D Dome Movies.

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Children (ages 1-12) – Weekday Starting Price$9.75
Infant (<1 year) – Weekday Starting Price$12.50
Adult – Weekday Starting Price$12.50
Senior (60+) – Weekday Starting Price$9.75


Children (ages 1-12) – Weekend Starting Price$11.00
Infant (<1 year) – Weekend Starting Price$15.75
Adult – Weekend Starting Price$15.75
Senior (60+) – Weekend Starting Price$12.00

Movies – Widescreen


Children (ages 1-12) – Widescreen Weekend Starting Price$9.50
Infant (<1 year) – Widescreen Weekend Starting Price$12.50
Adult – Widescreen Weekend Starting Price$12.50
Senior (60+) – Widescreen Weekend Starting Price$9.75

Movies – Widescreen Atmos


Children (ages 1-12) – Widescreen Atmos Weekend$17.00
Infant (<1 year) – Widescreen Atmos Weekend$17.00
Adult – Widescreen Atmos Weekend$17.00
Senior (60+) – Widescreen Atmos Weekend$14.75


Children (ages 1-12) – Widescreen Atmos Weekday$14.50
Infant (<1 year) – Widescreen Atmos Weekday$14.50
Adult – Widescreen Atmos Weekday$14.50
Senior (60+) – Widescreen Atmos Weekday$12.50

Movies – Atmos

Children (ages 1-12) – Atmos$10.50
Infant (<1 year) – Atmos$14.75
Adult – Atmos$14.75
Senior (60+) – Atmos$11.75

3D Movies


Children (ages 1-12) – 3D Weekday Starting Price$9.50
Infant (<1 year) – 3D Weekday Starting Price$12.50
Adult – 3D Weekday Starting Price$12.50
Senior (60+) – 3D Weekday Starting Price$9.75


Children (ages 1-12) – 3D Weekend Starting Price$13.00
Infant (<1 year) – 3D Weekend Starting Price$17.50
Adult – 3D Weekend Starting Price$17.50
Senior (60+) – 3D Weekend Starting Price$14.75



Children (ages 1-12) – IMAX Weekday$11.00
Infant (<1 year) – IMAX Weekday$15.75
Adult – IMAX Weekday$15.75
Senior (60+) – IMAX Weekday$14.75


Children (ages 1-12) – IMAX Weekend$12.00
Infant (<1 year) – IMAX Weekend$17.75
Adult – IMAX Weekend$17.75
Senior (60+) – IMAX Weekend$16.75

Dome Movies


Children (ages 1-12) – Dome Weekday$11.00
Infant (<1 year) – Dome Weekday$15.75
Adult – Dome Weekday$15.75
Senior (60+) – Dome Weekday$14.75


Children (ages 1-12) – Dome Weekend$12.00
Infant (<1 year) – Dome Weekend$17.75
Adult – Dome Weekend$17.75
Senior (60+) – Dome Weekend$17.75

3D Dome Movies


Children (ages 1-12) – 3D Dome Weekday$0.00
Infant (<1 year) – 3D Dome Weekday$0.00
Adult – 3D Dome Weekday$0.00
Senior (60+) – 3D Dome Weekday$0.00


Children (ages 1-12) – 3D Dome Weekend$0.00
Infant (<1 year) – 3D Dome Weekend$0.00
Adult – 3D Dome Weekend$0.00
Senior (60+) – 3D Dome Weekend$0.00


  1. Arclight Cinemas – La Jolla – 7957 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037
  2. Arclight Cinemas – Hollywood – 6360 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  3. Arclight Cinemas – Beverly Hills – 8660 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
  4. Arclight Cinemas – Century City – 10000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067
  5. Arclight Cinemas – Sherman Oaks – 15215 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
  6. Arclight Cinemas – Pasadena – 285 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101
  7. Arclight Cinemas – Northridge – 1800 E Olive Ave, Northridge, CA 91324
  8. Arclight Cinemas – Glendale – 1400 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202
  9. Arclight Cinemas – Newport Beach – 1100 Irvine Blvd, Tustin, CA 92780
  10. Arclight Cinemas – Del Mar – 1200 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age-specific discounts available at Arclight Cinemas?

Arclight Cinemas offers discounted ticket prices for children (ages 1-12) and seniors (60+) during specific days and times. These rates may fluctuate, so verify with your local theatre for the most up-to-date information.

Can I purchase Arclight Cinemas tickets online?

Yes, Arclight Cinemas provides the convenience of online ticket purchasing. You can visit their official website or use their mobile app to browse movie showtimes, select seats, and purchase tickets in advance.

What is the difference between regular and IMAX movies at Arclight Cinemas?

Arclight Cinemas offers a variety of movie formats, including regular screenings and IMAX experiences. IMAX movies provide a larger screen size and enhanced audiovisual technology, offering a more immersive cinematic experience compared to regular screenings.

Can I bring outside food and drinks to Arclight Cinemas?

Arclight Cinemas has a policy that generally prohibits outside food and drinks. However, they offer a wide selection of food and beverages at their concessions area for you to enjoy during the movie.

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