3 comments on “The Walking Dead S6E3: Thank You

  1. Yep, you kinda hit on my theory than Glen is alive. Several other interesting things. Glen didn’t appear on Talking Dead after his ‘death show’. Obviously that isn’t automatic but that has been the routine in the past for bigger characters. Also when Nicholas says “Thank You”. It could be interpreted as thanking Glen for his forgiveness and trust and to show him he was going to sacrifice himself. Perhaps this was Nicholas finally taking the incentive and saving Glen. Of course it could just be that Nicholas simply screwed up AGAIN!

    Regardless, it is a fun conversation to have.

    • Yeah, good thought on Nicholas’ “Thank you”. I definitely agree that he’s thanking Glenn for his forgiveness. Like a final goodbye. Glenn might be the only person in this world that wouldn’t have shot Nicholas back in the woods once he got the upper hand, much less start to bring him along and give him chances for redemption.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading, Keith!

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