6 comments on “The Walking Dead S6E2: JSS

  1. The whole JSS thing is more important than you give credit for I think. Enid is one of the W’s. She infiltrated Alexandria as a spy. When she is sitting back to back with Carl she almost spills the beans and he cuts her off not realizing what she was about to say. In the beginning of the episode you see her descent from humanity to beasthood under the order of “Just survive somehow” probably something her parents told her? Regardless, in the opening sequence, you see her move from scared girl who lost her parents, to girl who can kill a walker, to a girl willing to rip off the head of a turtle and eat it raw like a wolf. Her hesitation to enter Alexandria was about not being sure if she should commit to the task she was given to infiltrate that place, there is a little bit of humanity left in her. She left when the W’s retreated, she left with them.

    That’s my take anyway.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jacob! Missing you in the HoD man!.

      That’s a pretty popular theory among viewers, that Enid is a Wolf. I’ll have to go back and watch the scene you’re referring to where she almost spills the beans because I didn’t get that impression. And the killing the walker/eating the turtle is just a manifestation of her JSS mantra, not necessarily a result of becoming one of the Wolves. I suppose it’s a bit curious that she left when they did, but why would she just leave and not attach from the inside when the rest attack from the outside if she really was one of them?

      This is a really interesting theory, and I think it would be a cool twist, but I think the timeline disproves this theory. Enid was already there when Rick’s group got there. The Wolves didn’t know of Alexandria until they recovered Aaron’s map in his backpack that he lost on a scouting run with Daryl. That’s how they found the place. The only possibility I think it that when she was climbing the wall (Carl followed her once) she was reporting back to them and the photos are just a diversion for the viewer to think Aaron is to blame when it’s actually Enid. I dunno, seems somewhat far-fetched. BUT, like I said, it would be a cool twist.

      Thanks for reading man!

    • Ahhh c’mon man. You have two distinct philosophical views on killing butting heads in practicality. Sure it plays out in action, but it’s much deeper than that.

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