2 comments on “Avatar: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  1. Ugh I thought this movie did in no way deserve all the hype that surrounded it. The art direction and visual FX were the only worthwhile aspects. But I do love your food analogy! I was too distracted by how derivative it was to enjoy anything about the story.

  2. You have some interesting views on the movie as far as moral applications that, admittedly, I hadn’t really considered. And I will take this under advisement. However, I’d have to disagree on a few other things, which may be partially just personal preference and opinion.

    First, I thought this movie failed as an epic. It did make epic strides in visual FX and CGI, and it was indeed breathtaking to see in theaters! Once. But the movie itself did not meet the standards of “an epic” because of the plot. And I don’t feel a need to ever see it again. And I’m not sure if it will stand the test of time. Which brings me to your point about plot.

    I absolutely agree that movies can be just fun. Actually the only reason I ended up liking the LEGO movie was because it was supposed to be from the mind of a child (and thus it DID make sense that it DIDN’T make sense). And I have my moments where I need a cheesy, minimal-plot, just-for-fun movie. However a movie that wants to be epic can’t be “just fun.” To be “an epic” the story must be the primary driving force. That’s the difference between Avatar and epics such as LOTR, HP, Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, etc. Avatar only contains maybe 45 minutes of story–and it’s pretty simple and one we’ve all heard before. Which would be fine if it weren’t trying to be “epic.” This is also a sin James Cameron commits repeatedly (e.g. Titanic), but I digress. In my opinion, a movie can’t strive to be epic AND “just fun.” I love movies because I love stories. Tell me a good story and I’ll love it.

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